The Tutores Latet is a global order of supernatural creatures and humans that governs and protects the Hidden World and safeguards the human worlds from the dangers and evils that lurk in the darkness.

Foundation Edit

The Tutores Latet was founded following a demonic invasion of The Roman capital in 7 AD. Following the attack Germana, a young human woman, declared that something was needed to defend the world from the dangers and evils such as demonic attack and that for their safety the human world should be made unaware of the supernatural and such dangers.

With the support of the Vampire Ancients Germana approached each and every one of the creatures and beings of the supernatural world and convinced them of her plan. In 10 AD, three years after the Battle for Rome, representatives of every supernatural race, including Raphael of Heaven and Asmodeus of Hell, came to Rome and signed the document that became the Tutores Charter on the 12th of Iunius (June) of the Julian Calendar.

History Edit

The Creeds Edit

  1. Let no harm come to the humans and their world
  2. Let no harm come to the creatures and beings of the Hidden World
  3. The divide between the two worlds must be maintained. The Hidden World must remain hidden

Structure and Organization Edit

Leadership Edit

The Tutores Latet leadership was modeled after the senate of the Roman Republic with three members for each race who were appointed by consuls for a life team or for a century term for immortal creatures. Around the fall of the Roman Empire the sebate restructured itself so that each race elected three members with advisors while a mediator or later High Councilor was elected to serve as a neutral party. Each councilor