The Seven Deadly Sins are a group of demons released from hell in the first arc and present throughout the 'London' storyline.

Luxuria (Lust)Edit

Female. (to be added)

Gula (Gluttony)Edit

Gula is quite short and extremely malnourished. His has dull orange eyes and matching hair, short and spiked. He wears simple street clothes, old and worn.

Avaritia (Greed)Edit

Avaritia is tall and athletic with tanned skin and honey gold eyes. He has short black hair and all his teeth are gold. He wears a simple suit but extravagantly emboildered in gold thread.

Acedia (Sloth)Edit

Female. (to be added)

Ira (Wrath)Edit

Female. (to be added)

Invidia (Envy)Edit

Invidia is short and skinny with pale skin and bright green eyes. Her hair is jet black, long, and lanky and her teeth are broken and yellowed. She wears a ragged dress that comes down to her knees.

Superbia (Pride)Edit

Superbia is tall and spindly with pale skin and stunning purple eyes. His hair is a very dark brown and mostly tied back in a ponytail. He wears rich purple clothes made from expensive materials and is draped in extravagant jewels and often has a black hat topped with a light purple feather.